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Takudzwa is responsible for overseeing all the fundraising functions for Open Arms link as a nonprofit after graduating from college with a fashion design degree. She chose to spend a few years learning the ropes of her father’s business. Her responsibilities include taking care of the budget, managing workers and volunteers, organizing events, developing donors, grant writing, and creating effective strategies for maximizing donations. Her goal for Open Arms Link is to establish community engagement through fundraising and charitable works. She plans to partner with area schools and other nonprofit organizations to create events where we can better serve those in our community that has no voice. At Open Arms Link, we represent a large demographic of people, and our goal for 2022-2024 is to get to know and better help those with physical and mental disabilities. 

The Roadmap

Expand our residential care programs

Create community outreach programs.

Improve existing services by providing specialized training.

Buy new save and reliable vehicles for all facilities.

Introduce technology that increases functionality and productivity.

Begin ABA treatment programs for children with disabilities to obtain education services.

Fundraising goal for 2022-2044: $1 Million.

Our Impact

We've been seeing steady growth over the years and plan to add more facilities over time.

Our Mission

Open Arms is committed to provide safe, person-centered, supportive and structured residential care homes for people with developmental disabilities where they can exercise their right to make choices, grow, and contribute to their community.

Our Vision

To create a home environment where clients can demonstrate their ability, learn new skills, participate in work and enjoy the rewards of their success. To provide an array of opportunities, so clients can experience meaningful independence and self-sufficiency. To work closely with clients and their parents/guardians to ensure that all clients in Open Arms' licensed homes are provided with a platform where real opportunities can be realized. To embrace community integration, collaboration and effective utilization of resources that are at our disposal.

Our Homes

Our homes provide safe, comfortable living environments for our individuals to get the help they need, surrounded by people who care.

Benefit Dinner & Art Auction!

Since opening this nonprofit we have used government funding to cover costs involving resident care. After the Covid 19 pandemic fundraising is becoming a priority for our
company due to overtime and staff retention.

We plan to partner up with local companies to find solutions to get our residents supplies they need.

We will be holding our annual benefit dinner and art auction on Spring 2023 to raise awareness in the community about adult foster care. We hope this event will educate the public and bring individuals who may be interested in patient care to our company.


Our Sponsors

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