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It's not just a house. It's a home.

Open Arms has a total of 7 homes around the greater Lansing Area. Each home is licensed through the State of Michigan.

640 x 480 - Branded 3


We at Stoll house aim to give residents the best quality of life we can. One way we do that is through group outings and activities like going to the movies and bowling. We also foster personal growth within our residents by encouraging a diverse range of individual hobbies.

3285 W Stoll Rd
Lansing, MI 48906
Ph: 517-507-4855

Samantha Johnson
P: 517-331-3756


Our house is full of a wide range of individuals with different needs and disabilities, but despite these differences, we have found ways to come together through arts and activities. Having common ground to come together and interact has given our home a more secure level of comfort.

4120 Boichot Rd
Lansing, MI 48906
Ph: 517-574-5722


Tasha Baye
P: 517-899-4918
E: tashab@openarmslink.net

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Crest was Simba and Mascline's home; crest was the first group home that OAL established.

Residents that live here have created a peaceful environment for everyone. Residents enjoy activities such as walks, video games, and other individual hobbies. We want to see all residents treated with respect and care.

329 Crest St
Lansing, MI 48910
Ph: 517-574-4938


Lorie Dingler
P: 517-899-0746
E: loried@openarmslink.net


As care staff, we are always excited to show up to work because we care. One way we embrace our family atmosphere is by having a family day, where we welcome family members into our home.

1369 Carlisle Hwy
Charlotte, MI 48813
Ph: 517-543-0261

640 x 480 - Branded 3
640 x 480 - Branded 3

New Horizon

New Horizon is a small adult group home. New Horizon serves the developmentally disabled, mentally ill,and physically handicapped.

13768 S Airport Rd
Lansing, MI 48906
Ph: 517-624-2146


Tiffany Franklin
P: 517-582-3312
E: tiffanyf@openarmslink.net

Green house

For those with special needs, it can be difficult to get the help they need and to live a fulfilling life. Our home focuses on paying attention and getting to know our residents as individuals- Listening and giving care from a place of love.

922 Green St
Lansing, MI 48906
Ph: 517-708-8170


Gretrude Wadesango
P: 517-899-6710
E: GetrudeW@openarmslink.com

640 x 480 - Branded 3
640 x 480 - Branded 3


Our house stands apart from others in a variety of ways. What makes our home unique is our thriving garden. Our residents have become dedicated to this project, which has given them responsibility and a sense of love and appreciation for the place they live.

820 Bates St
Lansing, MI 48911
Ph: 517-253-8894


Mathew Nyandoro
P: 517-366-0929

Making a difference

Kind words from clients, partners, and more!

We have a son diagnosed with Autism that has been a resident at the Open Arms Green Street house for several years.  Our family has found the staff to be professional, kind, courteous and caring for our son.  He has made good friends within the home and has been very…

Larry and Cherie Leece

My son Michael has been with Open Arms since 2015. I have nothing but good things to say about the staff at Open Arms. Michael was there first resident at there home on 329 Crest street.. The staff have always watched out and cared for my son as if he…

Stanley L. Karamol Jr.

Our son has been with Open Arms for many years. He is very happy with his living arrangement and calls it home. This is not just a business for Simba and Mascline but a calling. They have a true heart for those in their care and work tirelessly to give…

Doug and Ruth Rutherford